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TKM® Introductory Levels 1&2 Training Seminar

06-02-2022 - 06-04-2022
LocationKansas City, MO

This powerful educational/training seminar includes valuable information to change health and quality of life for everyone, despite diagnoses and especially prognosis.  TKM® is just too profound to easily explain, you must come and experience it!  In seminars participants have received healing just in the process of learning the hands-on portions of the training. 

This information is more important than ever before. So, gather your family, colleagues, and friends to come and share this wonderful educational experience - that will be far more than you could explain to anyone afterwards in a way that could be understood without experiencing it for yourself.   

In Level 1, Evan will lay the foundation of understanding TKM® for all levels, including advanced learning (basic principles of how the bio-electromagnetic systems function in the body).  Included, illustrations and demonstrations of the location of each Energy Sphere (point) on the body and how they relate to all physical, emotional, and mental functions, which is the first basic blueprint in understanding TKM® applications for best results! This includes relations to each location, combination of locations, and TKM® applications that can produce profound results with most all health issues. 

In Level 2, Evan will examine pulse-reading in relation to all organ energy and circulatory pathways. This helps participants to distinguish between symptoms and cause, enabling them to discern the most effective application(s) to restore health. This special seminar teaches how to take the guess work out of application options - to not treat for symptoms but rather for the cause(s) of symptoms and disease, disorder, pain.... 

Come and learn to understand how to help yourself, family, and others in a totally natural way for all health needs.  This is needed in these times more than ever, don't miss it! 

Important Note: Level 1 or Level 2 may not be attended separately.

Available in-person or by Zoom Online for repeat students.

FEE: $400 Register and inquire for more info at: (Do NOT register on this site) 

Instructor: Evan EuDaly

Time: June 2nd - 4th 2020

Register: Please contact Evan EuDaly ASAP at

to inquire for any details and to register now!